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ThreeDee-You has highly defined standard production processes for its flagship product: 3d sculptures. Customers of our 3d scanning and 3d printing services have different quality specifications in every case that directly affect our work and production processes.

For this reason, the prices of our 3d scanning and 3d printing services are always calculated case by case. The prices are not prohibitive, but they should not be compared to the prices of other technologies specialized in the production of large quantities; on the other hand we do not have the production start-up costs of these technologies and our minimum is as low as 1 piece.

In the case of 3d scans, we must know the size and shape of the object, material, colour, and what the files will be used for to define our work process. Not everything is "scannable" (reflective surfaces, interior of tunnels, for example cannot be reproduced).

To study the feasibility of printing a 3d model, we need to see and analyze the file and to know the dimensions you want the object to be made at. We must evaluate the resistance to manipulation and also need to calculate the total volume and consumption of material to give you a price.

Contact us by phone on +34 915 218 440 or e-mail us at info@3d-u.com. Even better if you can pay a quick visit to our studio in C / Hortaleza, 9 - 3d in Madrid (Spain).