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More and more sectors are using 3d technologies nowadays. Just looking at the television and movies industry we can say that the 3d is at its moment. The need for digital representation of reality continues to increase as the technology is increasing its capacity of representation.

On the other hand there is more and more need to get these digital worlds (or representations of reality) off their natural virtual spaces and return them to the reality they once were part of...

This is what ThreeDee-You does every day. We convert reality (usually people) in 3d models with the latest 3d scanning technology and give them back to reality under the shape of small sculptures, 3d models materialized with the most advanced 3d printing machines.

So whatever you need in the field of 3d ThreeDee-You is here to help you. Whether you need us to create a 3d model from a real object, that we materialize it as a solid that you can manipulate, or that we simply print your 3d model, in ThreeDee-You you will find the team with the biggest experience in this field that can be found we would almost say worldwide.

The main sectors of our customers are coming fro mare: architecture (materialization of models, reverse engineering for plan design from virtual 3d models created from large material models); industry (production of prototypes and parts models from their plans, reverse engineering also in the case of large objects); art (reproductions of works of art for sale and as restoration references); fashion (production of photo-sculptures of the most significant styles of the collection, virtual presentations); audio-visual and video games industry (3d modeling from reality to get the most realistic results)...

If you have a specific need on rapid prototyping or similar, contact us: sure we can help!

You'll find even more information about ThreeDee-You in www.ThreeDee-You.com and www.3d-u.com and in our thematic blog on 3d scanning and printing.
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