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ThreeDee-You is the global pioneer company of 3d sculpture, solid three-dimensional representations of people, animals and things made with 3d scanning and 3d printing techniques.

Founded in 2010, ThreeDee-You is a small team of experts in 3d scanning and 3d printing technologies. ThreeDee-You being a retail company, made the team quickly become the world's leading experts in scanning and printing 3d organic models. The thousands of customers who have ordered 3d sculptures have made us so. The many thousands of 3d files of persons (what could be more difficult than that?) we have worked on since our creation allows us to say that no one has worked so many files of 3d human figures all over the world.

This broad experience is what you get from us when you use our services and is also a guarantee that we will deliver what we promise, once we have analyzed your project specifications. Be sure to consult your doubts: if you want something in 3d you have to talk to The 3d Professionals - we, ThreeDee-You (why should we be humble on this?).