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In ThreeDee-You you get amazingly realistic 3d models at the lowest cost in the shortest time.

How long do you need to spend to create a model that looks real on the screen? How much does that time cost? How many opportunities are lost simply because it is not possible to meet the deadline?

ThreeDee-You delivers fantastic photo-realistic 3d models within just a few days. And all you have to do is bringing the original to our studio.

ThreeDee-You uses the latest scanning technology in the world. A 3d model by ThreeDee-You will have a resolution equivalent to 50 points per cm2 in the original (for our typical configuration with the subject at 2m from the lenses) and needs a minimum scanning time (2.5 seconds in total for 360º). This allows the modeling of living beings. We use low-intensity white light, with no negative effects on the scanned subject.

We give you a file with the resolution you need in a number of standard 3d formats. Tell us what you need to scan, we will advise on all the details so that the result is almost as real as reality itself.