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ThreeDee-You makes virtual reality come real.

A character that you designed in 3d and you want to convert into a doll, you designed the pilot house of a new development and you urgently need a model for a presentation, you just designed a kettle and want to know how you perceive the real object in hand . We have similar cases in ThreeDee-You everyday.

Bring or send your file by e-mail (info@3d-u.com) for us to evaluate the possibility of converting your design into a real object is all you have to do. Files should be in 3d, closed as solids, with all the normals facing outwards. Vertex colour. We prefer .ply files, but we can accept other formats (get in touch with our staff). It is important that you remove or change parts or areas that are too small or too thin as they could break (we'll help you on this).

ThreeDee-You uses state of the art four colour 3d printing technology: 300pp resolution both in volume and color are more than ensure to ensure correct shape. Very nice touch, similar to biscuit or raw porcelain. Generous maximum dimensions of approximately 40x30x25cm. Delivery time: just a few days, much less than traditional processes of production of prototypes and models.

Your prototype, or your actual model, solid, in color, life like, will be handled or shipped to you in special protective packaging. Ready to be exposed. This is what rapid prototyping can do for you.